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Hi! Take a look at these guidelines to get better results while using RenderAI.

General Recommendations

Linear Sketch to Image

To use our Sketch mode to create images, set settings input as "Sketch" and be sure to draw or upload a linear high-contrast sketch or image.

In the following examples, we use a linear sketch or a rendered image. The app will automatically extract lines and edges from the image, and use that as input for the Artificial Intelligence model to generate a completely new image.

RenderAI help.

Sketch to Image example:

Sketch to Kitchen example of image generated using Render AI.

"High quality image of a kitchen", by Francisco

Image to Sketch to Image example:

Sketch to image of a bathroom example of image generated using Render AI.

"Interior modern bathroom", by Francisco

Uploading Custom Images

To upload custom images, first clear the sketch canvas and Choose file. Once the upload is finished, add your description, and click on Create Magic. Render AI will analyze the image to extract lines, and then will create a new image based on the original using AI.

How to upload custom image on Render AI.

Custom Sketch Example:

Sketch to Image example using custom file with Render AI.

"A photograph of a running shoe", by Maxwell

Unlocking upload custom image

Upload Custom sketch to render image using Render AI.

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Use our Sketch to Render AI tool from hand-drawn sketches to high-quality renderings.

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