DALL-E 3 with ChatGPT, understanding and how to use it

DALL-E is an AI system that transforms text prompts into incredible images. Previous versions of DALL-E illustrate the potential of AI-generated images but with limitations in understanding the prompts. DALL-E 3 represents a significant leap forward in AI art generation. When you describe your idea to DALL-E 3, it is now better equipped to understand the subtleties and details you provide.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the realm of DALLE3, exploring its capabilities, how the integration with ChatGPT works, and its potential to inspire creators.

”In front of a deep black backdrop, a figure of middle years, her Tongan skin rich and glowing, is Enterpr captured mid-twirl, her curly hair flowing like a storm behind her. Her attire resembles a whirlwind of late marble and porcelain fragments. Illuminated by the gleam of scattered porcelain shards, creating a dreamlike atmosphere, the dancer manages to appear fragmented, yet maintains a harmonious and fluid form.”

An example of curly hair flowing like a storm AI generated image by DALLE-3.

An example of "curly hair flowing like a storm" AI generated image by DALLE-3. Image by OpenAI.

Understanding DALLE 3

DALL-E 3 sets itself apart by grasping subtleties and intricacies with remarkable finesse. Previous systems sometimes struggled to capture the essence of a textual prompt, but DALLE 3 can recognize the subtle details hidden within the language.

Imagine describing a scene in vivid detail. The new OpenAI ChatGPT AI-generative image generator not only comprehends those descriptions but also crafts images that mirror your vision with accuracy. As OpenAI says, it can understand with precision from the shade of a sunset, the intricate patterns of a forest, or the play of light on a city skyline.

How DALLE3 understand text prompts.

How DALLE3 understand text prompts. Image by OpenAI.

This leap forward, OpenAI says, means that we will reduce part of the hard work of perfecting our prompts through complex engineering. Instead, DALLE 3 guides you through the process, articulating the ideas naturally.

Integration with ChatGPT

DALLE 3 is not a standalone app or online app such as RenderAI. It is built natively on ChatGPT. This means that ChatGPT serves as both a brainstorming partner and a prompt refiner for your AI-generated images.

So, how does this partnership work? Imagine you have an idea in mind, a concept you’d like to see come to life in the form of an image. You can simply converse with ChatGPT, describing your vision in your language, from a single sentence to a detailed paragraph.

ChatGPT and DALLE 3 will then spring into action, generating detailed prompts that perfectly align with your idea. This process bridges the gap between your imagination and the final image, all with the ease of a conversation.

This integration not only enhances the user experience but also accelerates the creative process. It eliminates the need for users to go from one interface to another to improve prompt engineering, putting the focus on idea generation and visual storytelling.

ChatGPT user interface running DALLE-3

ChatGPT user interface running DALLE-3. Image by OpenAI.

How to use DALL-E 3 and DALL-E 2

OpenAI has announced that DALLE-3 is currently in the research preview stage and will be available in October 2023. It’s important to note that it is exclusively accessible to ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise customers. If you have access, you will simply need to log in to your ChatGPT account. You can still use DALLE through OpenAI’s Labs interface.

So, if you are a premium user of OpenAI, and you have access to DALLE-3 follow these steps:

A. How to use DALLE-3 step by step

  1. Go to ChatGPT using chat.openai.com
  2. Sign in and confirm you have ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise
  3. Select GPT-4 model and hover over GPT-4 to turn on DALLE-3
  4. Ask ChatGPT to generate an image
DALLE-2 user interface.

DALLE-2 user interface.

B. How to use DALLE-2 step by step

If you want to try DALLE-2 through OpenAI’s Labs interface, follow these steps:

  1. Visit OpenAI Labs using labs.openai.com
  2. Sign in to your OpenAI account
  3. You will see a large input window. Input the characteristics of the image you want, just like you would input to ChatGPT, and wait for the results

Why DALLE 3 is Better than DALLE 2?

As we mentioned in the last section, one of the main assets of DALLE 3 is its integration with ChatGPT, a partnership that makes the tool more accessible and simplifies the user experience making the most of ChatGPT’s ability to have a continuous conversation. This integration offers users a two-fold advantage: ChatGPT serves as both a creative companion and a prompt refiner for DALLE 3, making the process of generating images more fluid and intuitive.

A. Conversation and Prompts

Imagine you have an idea you wish to visualize—an intricate scene, a concept, or a story. With DALLE 3 integrated into ChatGPT, you can engage in a natural conversation, describing your vision in plain language in an iterative process as we would do with a human professional. There’s no need for convoluted prompt engineering or technical jargon.

ChatGPT + DALLE 3 instantly responds by generating tailored and detailed prompts that align seamlessly with your idea. It’s as if ChatGPT is helping to translate your thoughts into a format that DALL·E3 can understand and execute.

B. Real-time Refinement

What if the generated image isn’t quite right? Here’s where the magic continues. With just a few words, you can ask ChatGPT to fine-tune the image until it matches your creative vision perfectly. This real-time refinement process ensures that you have full control over the final result.

C. Accessibility

This integration removes some barriers for users who may not be AI experts and don’t want to explore new tools. It collaborates with the creative process, focusing on idea generation and visual storytelling rather than the technicalities of interacting with an AI system.

”A modern architectural building with large glass windows, situated on a cliff overlooking a serene ocean at sunset.” and “Illustration of a chic chair with a design reminiscent of a pumpkin’s form, with deep orange cushioning, in a stylish loft setting.”

A modern architectural building and an interior with furniture created using generative AI.

A modern architectural building and an interior with furniture created using generative AI. Image by OpenAI.


With a profound understanding of nuanced descriptions and an unparalleled ability to bring visions to life, DALLE 3 sets new standards for precision and realism in image generation. It bridges the gap between words and visuals, making the process more intuitive for creators with or without AI image generation experience.

The seamless integration with ChatGPT elevates DALLE 3’s appeal, turning it into a creative companion. This collaboration simplifies the journey from concept to image, empowering users to explore their imagination with ease and efficiency.

As it happened with ChatGPT 2 to ChatGPT 3, and ChatGPT 4, DALL-E 3’s superiority over its predecessor, DALL-E 2, is evident in its precision, realism, user-friendliness, versatility, and its unique ability to transform artistic vision into tangible images. From graphic design and storytelling to marketing and content creation.

To summarize, DALL-E 3 invites us to imagine and create new ways of generating text-to-image creations. While some of us thought DALLE was staying behind, creates another pivotal moment of AI image generation creativity, opening a new future of ideas, concepts, and stories. It’s not just about what DALLE 3 can do; it’s about what we, as creators, can achieve with this remarkable tool in our creative arsenal. The journey is just beginning, and, again, the possibilities seem limitless.

”An illustration of a human heart made of translucent glass, standing on a pedestal amidst a stormy sea. Rays of sunlight pierce the clouds, illuminating the heart, revealing a tiny universe within. The quote ‘Find the universe within you’ is etched in bold letters across the horizon.”

An human heart by DALLE3

An human heart by DALLE3. Image by OpenAI.


  • This post is based in official OpenAI DALL·E 3 official release. All images are property of OpenAI, organized by RenderAI.
  • Portions of this article were synthesized and generated with the assistance of AI using ChatGPT.

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